Friday, June 6, 2014

From Lindsie

A Marcel apology drawing circa 2001. Probably for something little. Still the best way to say sorry ever. He said, "No matter how big the rift, we can always find a way to get from where we are to the sea." Happy Celday, pals.

From Michael

I think of Marcel every time I look under a rock, take something apart, laugh from the depth of my belly, taste Bulleit bourbon, lift something heavy, walk for the sake of walking, or break furniture in the quest for a good wrestle. I think of Marcel daily. 

From Katie

In honor of Marcel. 
I think only 1 other person knows why I have flowers on my arm. 
They are Lilacs. 6 of them. They are to honor Marcel everyday. When we were in high school, he told me how he loved the smell of lilacs as we strolled the streets. He had that goofy Marcel grin everyday the light purple petals showered the sidewalk. 
Every spring reminds me of him. Every spring reminds me of the simple joys in life, and how to enjoy them like he did. Where there are lilacs, there is always Marcel for me. 

From Kim

Summer evening wandering, canine and human

From Terisa and Colin

Colin and Mira planting a japanese maple tree in our yard on honor of Marcel. It will be awhile until it is big enough to climb, but we can wait, life moves surprisingly fast.

From Seth

Of the many instruments I own, this recorder that used to belong to Marcel is one of my most treasured. I've used it on many recordings and make a point of playing it every so often. It's also by far the nicest sounding recorder I've ever played. Not harsh and whistley like the ones you get in grade school but woodsy and warm, like Marcel. 

From Polly

I think Marcel would have loved these Little Free Libraries that spring up over town. They are secret hiding places right in plain view that contain treasures and books. Can't you just imagine him leaving some wonderful odd object that just happened to be in his pocket? And finding some perfect book that just happened to be there waiting for him?